In-Person Learning



Safety is paramount, be we also offer both advanced students and those needing additional attention the opportunity to move at their own pace while receiving additional support and tutoring.

1.  Each student will be taught and graded by using the on-line CPS remote learning program with their designated teacher.  After each lesson, the teacher will answer questions and review what was taught.

2.  Each class will have a teacher/teaching assistant/tutor allowing for additional tutoring and specialized attention.

3.  During a lesson, if a student needs help, outside the CPS virtual classroom, the teacher will supply individual attention.

4.  The teacher will spend up to 15-30 minutes each day, as needed, with each student to go over lessons, discuss either remedial or accelerated options if indicated, as well as discussing any problems that are interfering with the student’s learning or socialization.

5. Each student will be assigned a specific desk for his/her sole use. The desks and chairs are made by SallyMonday and have adjustable heights to accommodate all sizes. The desk has a pull out drawer and a top that tilts 60 degrees (information on the desks in this tab). 

6.  Classes will be from 8:30-4:30 subject to CPS remote learning schedule for grades 3-8. This will allow the teachers the time and opportunity to work with students individually. 

Our Facilities and Resources (PDF)