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Your Principal - Eric Moore

Eric Moore is an accomplished educational leader and doctoral student of school leadership with more than 15+ years in urban public and private K-12 education, having led two high schools to commendable status from being on their respective state’s academic warning lists. 


Eric grew up on Chicago’s southside Englewood neighborhood, and graduated  from Tilden Career Academy to go on to attend the University of Minnesota, Morris.


While in college at the University of Minnesota, Morris, Eric’s experiences as an educational leader was further strengthened by his service as co-chair of the student convocations committee in which he ensured representation of equity, diversity issues concerning all students from various backgrounds.  In conjunction with Eric’s focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives as co-chair of the convocations committee, Eric also became a Ronald E. MacNair Scholar.


Upon graduating from the University of Minnesota, Morris, with a dual bachelor’s degree in English and Sociology, Eric began navigating graduate education by enrolling in the Masters in Legal Studies program at the University of Illinois, Springfield.  After a year in the program, Eric decided to take another path by working in corporate to explore other career possibilities.  Eric’s corporate journey began as an administrative assistant in the Institute for Learning at Harris Bank in Chicago; then as a senior technical writer for Complete Business Solutions, Inc.; human performance analyst with then Andersen Consulting, now Accenture; and as an instructional designer/learning specialist with the Walgreen Corporation.  Eric’s corporate experiences provided a clearer purpose for his career direction in developing adult learners and designing meaningful learning experiences for children and adolescents after having engaged in church volunteer experiences.


At the urging of his mentors, Eric pursued an alternative path to earning his teaching credentials with the Chicago Public Schools as a special education teacher. After earning my first Master’s degree in special education from Dominican University, I taught at Nancy B. Jefferson Alternative School in the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center, where during that time, I earned a second Master’s degree in educational leadership.  From there, I sought out leadership roles in the district as well as in charter organizations within the district and ultimately landed and accepted a 9th-grade lead teacher position with Chicago International Charter School at the Longwood Campus under Edison Learning.  Two years into the role of a 9th-grade lead teacher, Eric wanted to have a broader impact on student achievement and the professional learning of teachers, so he applied to the New Leaders Aspiring Principal’s Program, where he was accepted and routed to the Memphis, Tennessee cohort.


Eric’s successful completion of the New Leaders APP residency at Whitehaven High School in Memphis led to his appointment as the turnaround principal of Hillcrest High School, where he led a comprehensive literacy improvement plan to increase student literacy of the Common Core State Standards moving his school from a low TVAAS Level 1 to a high TVAAS Level 5 in literacy.


Eric moved on the lead a large high school in Rock Island, Illinois, moving the school off of the state’s academic warning list to commendable status.  As Eric completes his doctoral studies, his ultimate goals are to design, launch, and lead his own network of schools as well as serve as a professor of education and educational leadership at the collegiate level.